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Futsalsolutions has appointed Andres Olgoso as Technical Director for the Project that are developing in China.

Andres Olgoso, 31 years old from Granada, graduated in Phisical Education and Sport Science, UEFA A coaching degree and with great experience as Methodology coordinator and coordinator of Kids activities of Granada C.F.

He is already in Wuhan, where will be the base of Futsalsolutions and its Chinese partners where together will develop the next generation of football players using futsalsolutions methodology. The academy has already 500 kids from 6 to 12 years old and othe 200 there are in the other academy in Beijing. Andres will lead 20 coaches and will be a great challenge.

“Im really proud and happy to be part of Futsalsolutions family, Resposability and commitment are the first feelings to lead this big Project in China. Im impatient to start to work with Chinese coaches (19)and kids where i believe FS unique methodology will give great results.

Our instructors has been in China to show our unique methodology with young Chinese Football. the event also included a seminar for coaches and it has been the first step for a future collaboration

Following our agreement with Euro J Sports Academy, there will be a summer camp for Kids under 12 and under 10 in the city of Kagoshima, Kyushi Island. It will be our first event in Japan, and we are very proud of this agreement and to export our methodology in rosing sun country.

Our Instructors Silvio Crisari and Sergio Gargelli, will copperate together with local instructors, and all the lessons will be in English, so the kids can improve their knowledge of the language.

This is the first step which will follow soon the opening of a Futsalsolutions academy, always in Kiushu Island.

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