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On the 1st of June, Children’s Day is celebrated in China. On this day, Children will perform in different activities in the schools, dance, karate & other sports. FS has organized a soccer day tournament in our school in Beijing where our students and students from other schools will celebrate the day playing soccer.
As every event in China will start a presentation speech from the school Principal and then from FS Technical director Andres Olgoso, about the importance of FS Methodology to create intelligent football players. at the end of presentation speech Andres has rewarded some of schools’athgletes of different ages who better behave and performed following FS methodology principles.
After the draw the event started; players divided in two categories depending on age. A total of 20 games has been played in the morning between both categories. Andres watched very carefully each game to be able to assess the level of our players, see what technical skills they possess, what mental agility they have to see in short what type of players we have. Our raw material is polish through work and FS innovative methodology that we hope to implement in these schools producing a great evolution in these players.
In addition to being able to observe these games Andres interacted with the children who were waiting, nervous, outside to play again. Dribbling, passes, skill with the ball … a great variety of experiences with these little players, being able make them enjoy during this great event.
At the end of the event, the closing ceremony, with awards for winner of each category, congratulating everyone for the performance and reading in the eyes the desire to come back to play and have fun again, conscious that the images of this day will remain in their memory for long time.

In collaboration with Hexa management, we had a technical development day in Tokyo for kids U.9 and kids U.12. Our instructor Sergio Gargelli, spent 4 hours with Japanese players, who came to improve their skills attracted by our unique system. It was a great day and the beginning of a future collaboration with Hexa management to develop football in Japan